Our Bit

for a greener future

At Naked Ideas we are trying to do ‘our bit’ to take care of Mother Earth. We’re only a small business but we feel that even little changes to the way we work on a daily basis can reduce our impact on the world around us. Here are just a few of things we’re doing:

In the office:

  • We’re keeping an eye on our energy consumption by switching off unused computer screens and unnecessary office lighting at all times. We use energy-efficient light bulbs wherever we can and we don’t believe in ‘standby’ for anything electrical!
  • We get closer to our ultimate goal of a completely paperless office everyday. Communication with both clients and suppliers is carried out primarily through e-mail, thus reducing the amount of paper we use. When the use of paper is unavoidable all of the printers in the office are stocked with 100% recycled paper.
  • Email also saves on the electricity used in hammering the phones and helps avoid the carbon emissions generated in paper production and when sending items through the mail. Conveniently this saves us money too!

We religiously recycle all of the following, every working day:

  1. waste paper
  2. drinks cans
  3. plastic and glass bottles
  4. used printer ink cartridges
  5. batteries

We also donate our beloved older Mac computers and any unwanted books to charity.

Out and about:

Whenever possible all of our staff try to walk or ride a bicycle to and from work and to meetings. If the distance is too great we opt for public transport over taking a taxi. None of the team drive to work!

In our everyday work:

Though we never preach, we do like to try to ‘gently encourage’ our clients printing stationery, marketing materials, packaging or merchandising products with us to consider more sustainable and environmentally conscious printing methods:

We always include a recycled paper stock option on our quotes.

We try to dissuade processes such as plastic laminating, which complicates the paper-recycling process, or the use of metallic inks, which contain small particles of heavy metals that are pollutants.

We also encourage the use of biodegradable and recycled plastics in any packaging and merchandising items we produce.

Enviromental Friendly

‘Beautiful design’ and ‘sustainability’ need not be mutually exclusive.

We realise that we’re not going to save the world all on our own, but we’d like to play our part. If you can recommend other things we could and should be doing please feel free to e-mail us with your suggestions.

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